Welcome to MRD Global Foundation


Welcome to MRD Global Foundation- a private tax exempt charity organization based in Reno, Nevada serving global causes. MRD stands for MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE. 

Mission Statement

We shall strive to promote physical and mental wellness for those in need by means of food, clothing, shelter, and supplies; offer counseling and educational opportunities to improve and enhance quality of life; and exercise our economic enhancement program for developing community partnerships, business, academic, art, and cultural exchange.

Veteran's Programs

MRD is proud to announce our foundation has been chosen as the non-profit fundraising arm of NVFV-Nevada For Nevada Veterans founded by Colonel Warren Gilbert, MD.

Our Mission:

To physically bring together the military veterans of Nevada, those presently serving as well as those who have previously served, at a social event in addition to providing all Nevada military veterans with the resources, financial and material, to help them and their families in every way possible to deal with any hardship incurred as a result of serving our country. The intent is to put together a network of agencies, with a central coordinating core, that can be accessed by any veteran, or their respective command, to field and evaluate all requests for assistance be it financial, emotional, or material, and forward all validated requests to whichever agency is best suited to provide the necessary remedy to the veteran.


Nevada veterans for veterans

Nevada Veterans for Veterans is a non-profit organization that was created to provide all necessary relief to Nevada combat veterans, and their families, who have incurred financial, emotional (such as PTSD or TBI), physical, or material hardship as a result of service-connected combat involvement. 


Nevada Hospitality International 

Nevada Hospitality International welcomes you to beautiful Northern Nevada!

NHI is a division of MRD Foundation, representing an international group of Nevadans whose grassroots mission is to market our region and its amenities globally.



Nevada Helping Hands

Our volunteer membership is growing and our causes are universal. Nevada’s Helping Hands Program (NHH) reaches out to our underprivileged children and youth.